Ungulate Control

We at KFCL have worked with our dogs around the world to eradicate ungulates in challenging environments and pride ourselves in being one of the most experienced ungulate eradication and control team in today’s market.

Among our portfolio accomplishments, we routinely eradicate entire populations of nuisance goats, wild pigs, and multiple deer species. Our ungulate work spans mountainous regions in New Zealand to the hot and humid jungles of Guam to sensitive environments such as urban landscapes.

Again, we must be adaptable depending on given ungulate eradication circumstances, and we continue to grow based on our experiences.

Therefore, we have become exceptionally efficient in the use of varying and effective techniques based on project goals, target species, location and topography, visibility and community social dynamics.

Our staff are experienced ungulate controllers

Methods we use include indicating dogs, bailing dogs, toxicants, aerial shooting, trapping, sharpshooting, thermal imagery detection, monitoring and surveillance using cameras, detection dogs and individual and team hunting techniques.

Specialists in Ungulate Eradication & Control

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