Experienced animal eradication.

We at KFCL pride ourselves in having the most experienced animal eradication and control team using detection dogs on the market.


Our use of a highly experienced and professional eradication team maximizes the probability of success because we have the knowledge and skills to employ a range of proven eradication techniques, applying them systemically at appropriate phases, with the ultimate goal of keeping the target species naive at all population densities.


Our philosophy is to eradicate 100% of targeted species, and our forward-thinking staff plan to remove the last animal well before it is even engaged.

Public perception of our techniques may vary on a community to community basis

We select tools that will be effective while also considering social acceptability. For each proposed project, we thoroughly explain the pros and cons for each of our tools for a given situation.


Whether it be use of dogs, toxicants, aerial shooting, trapping, sharpshooting, thermal imagery detection, monitoring and surveillance using cameras, individual or team hunting techniques.

Eradication ethic

Being adaptable to challenging eradication endeavours has enabled KFCL staff to grow more knowledgeable and develop improved skill sets over the years. Indeed, continued lifetime learning is key to the art of wildlife eradication.


Working within the realm of challenging landscapes and intelligent species, we commonly experience unforeseen situations that require adaptability to be efficient. 


The techniques we use depend on target species, location and topography, and visibility. Equally as important, we consider human dimensions when selecting for mitigation tools.

Specialists in eradication & control

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