We at KFCL are very proud of our canine teammates.

We train and maintain our dogs to the highest standards of obedience and health. We train and use indicator, bailer and combination (indicator/ bailer) hunting dogs. Our dogs are fully up to date with all worming and vaccinations, they are stock proofed and Avian aversion trained.


Our dogs have the ability to signal information about the presence or absence of their target species. Changes in posture and level of excitement or alertness indicate whether the dog is detecting wind or ground scent and freshness of the scent.


We cannot over-emphasize the importance of having this nose sensitivity for detecting presence or absence of target species. Once an animal's scent is detected, behavioral changes in the dog will alert the hunter to its presence, allowing the hunter to decide the best strategy for efficient removal.



Our indicator dogs’ job is to detect the target species

This is done by ground or wind scent while staying close to the hunter and stealthily guiding that hunter close enough for a dispatching shot minimizing disturbance to the surrounding area.


Our bailing dogs’ job is to range out away from the hunter while intensively covering the desired area to find the target then to keep the target at bay (i.e., “bailed up”) until the hunter arrives to dispatch it. 


For more information on styles, breeds and techniques KFCL has to offer please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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